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Ranga Electricals is one of the top power generators rental and hiring company in Tamil Nadu. It is said to be one of the most believable name in the Gen set rental and hiring industry. As the name implies, we offer ideal solutions to all your power needs, We hire a total variety of generators ranging from 5 K.V.A to 1000 K.V.A for different profitable and consumers application.It has come into sight as a most important of Gen sets on hire to a mixture of divisions of industry such as small to large scale industry, telecom, telecom sector, hospitality, banking sector, entertainment, wedding ceremony, exhibition, film industry, information technology park, shipping industry etc.

For long term projects we are prepared to give on hire or rental basis brand new Gen sets as we are having most modern Gen sets with us. You can avail Gene sets at very reasonable and cut throat charges with high standard of services without any strain and difficulty We offer hiring scheme as per your needs. So that you can manage to hire and you will by no means ever think of purchasing it.

We take absolute care of the temporary power necessities of our clients in a competent and commercial manner. Our activities helps us in providing outstanding service in the field of rental and hire power solutions joined with well-known experience by effectively meeting the demands of almost all parts of the industry. This has allowed us to win the confidence of different alleged clients for the prominent projects in the face of firm competition.

At Ranga Electricals we endeavor to offer proper powering solutions and saving precious time and investment of our customers. We have never and will never allow our customers' business to pull down due to a power failure.The generators that go on hire and rent are very well serviced by skilled technicians for better presentation. Generator rentals and hire will be on weekly, monthly or yearly basis as per the necessities of our customers.

We always welcome you to the flourishing world of Ranga Electricals. We provide extremely trustworthy rental and hiring services associated to power generators, industrial generators etc., which are mostly well-liked by all our privileged clients.

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